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non-academy college degree requirements

Last post 12-08-2003, 8:29 PM by gijoebruin. 1 replies.
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  •  10-12-2003, 5:55 PM 2372

    non-academy college degree requirements

    Like many other members of this forum, I have dreamt of becoming a pilot since early childhood. However, in highschool, my focus was not always on completing assignments or really towards schoolwork in general and was diverted to persuing more social activities not geared towards an academic gain. I finished with a 2.8 gpa and a 26 composite for act's, not exactly USAFA nomination material.

    Finally at the age of 20, and once again realizing my potential, I'm quickly becoming disenchanted by the prospect of a career in firefighting, or the recent amount of record label interest my band has recieved, and becoming aware that time is running out if I have any hope of flying military aircraft.

    I have read that with a four year college degree (a bachelor's in science i believe) and some private flight training, an individual can apply for certain groundschools which can put them on the path to flying for the USAF or Navy. I would greatly appreciate if someone could direct me towards information on what specific classes and actions would be required for this route or any other viable non-USAFA options.


  •  12-08-2003, 8:29 PM 2400 in reply to 2372

    Re: non-academy college degree requirements

    ROTC would be your best bet. Your college grades are used for the pilot selection board. Go to AFROTC.com and you can find your local detachment contact info. Get all the information you need from your local det, as you will be surprised on the opportunities still available to you. ROTC is the BEST way to attain a pilot slot in the air force. I took this route myself and I start pilot training in on 8 Jan.

    Good luck,

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