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Is it too late?

Last post 10-17-2004, 7:42 PM by lilryno. 1 replies.
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  •  09-28-2004, 10:31 PM 2605

    Is it too late?

    I am 18 yo and wish to become a fighter pilot. However, my Sophmore year in HS I had a crisis in the family and my grades fell pretty hard. In result I did not do very well overall in HS. I had to retake one year of math and science. However, my Senior course schedule looks like this...

    English 12

    in addition, im duel enrolled at a local college taking information technology courses in freshmen status as part of a degree.

    Also, I scored pretty decent on the SATs (1220)

    Since Sophmore year I have really pulled together well and my transcript clearly shows that but on my overall GPA and class ranking it has left a huge scar.

    My question is, is it too late? Have I already screwed up enough? What steps are reccommended to recovery? (Aside the ones I've already made straightening out my HS career)

    Also, does the Air Force look at things outside of school? (For example, Ive been working 2 jobs for a total of 40 hours a week and hold a sub-management position at one. I also have a good record of community service and like I said, Ive been working on a degree in college while finishing my HS career)

    What do you think my chances are? And which paths should I choose?

  •  10-17-2004, 7:42 PM 2624 in reply to 2605

    Re: Is it too late?

    I'd go ROTC in college.  Easiest path in my opinion.  If you want to see continually updated statistics on guys that got pilot slots through ROTC or OTS you can check out www.wantscheck.com - it'll give you an idea of the GPA and AFOQT test scores (and flight experience) required to get selected for pilot training.  Hope it helps.

    - Ryno
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