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Getting the Wings from being enlisted

Last post 11-21-2004, 5:48 PM by Torridwinds. 0 replies.
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  •  11-21-2004, 5:48 PM 2684

    Getting the Wings from being enlisted

    Currently I am enlisted and looking to get into the ROTC commisioning program. I face 3 problems and was wondering if any of you current pilots can lend a hand with some ways to get them done.

    1. In my stupid youth I tryed going to school as a poor kid. hence i have 27,000 in school loans/fees and due to a slick tounged recruiter they went into default without me knowing about it .. (currently I am paying on them and 1 of them the 23,000 one will be able to go back  on deferment in 2 months and will be off my credit.) So my credit sucks and it makes me look finacially challanged on paper.

    2.  My seinor NCO's and my supervisor hate me with the passion of a burning sun, mostly due to my wanting to become a pilot instead of staying a medic. so my eprs are 4's instead of 5's

    3. Last but not least is an arrest at a concert near keesler. Now before ya move to judge the officer was in the wrong .. lost his badge and the charges against me dropped but it is still on my record as being arrested.

    So looking at me on paper I appear to be a angry person who cannot control himself nor manage his money both of which are false. Any one out there a literart genious that can help and Airman out with ways to get around this befor I need to submit my package?


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