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Not Another ONE!!! (This has a slight twist)

Last post 09-28-2005, 6:28 PM by Zero. 1 replies.
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  •  09-26-2005, 12:52 AM 3062

    Cool [H] Not Another ONE!!! (This has a slight twist)

    Alright, so i know this is the forum for these questions and its full of them but i have a couple differences that i suppose would require me to make my own Smile
    First of all, im a brit in america~! As im in the 12th grade in high school, that time has come to start thinking about all this future what am i gonna do with my life stuff. I thought.. and decided i would see what it takes to become a helicopter pilot in britain. So, first of all, just wondering if theres any british pilots on here? Seems like a more american based site (any links to a forum based in the uk would be awesome!!) Just seeing, what needs to be done really. What chances does one have of making it into RAF, Army, Navy.. anything that can help me make my self more desirable to be picked over others? What college courses if any could be taken for to get ahead? Also from general cariousity, i couldnt find a number anywhere.. whats the annual salary like for a heli pilot?

    Long shot, of course but thought i'd at least make an effort.
    Any helpful responces will be appreciated.

    TIA Chris Yes
  •  09-28-2005, 6:28 PM 3066 in reply to 3062

    Re: Not Another ONE!!! (This has a slight twist)

    don't kno man :(

    try contacting some people on the official sites.
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