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Searching for Jack Frye's TWA Lockheed Lodestar 18, NC-33604

Last post 10-29-2005, 2:17 PM by sedonalegendhelenfrye. 0 replies.
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  •  10-29-2005, 2:17 PM 3099

    Searching for Jack Frye's TWA Lockheed Lodestar 18, NC-33604

    Trying to locate whatever happened to a TWA executive plane that I have been researching. The plane first purchased by the USAAF in 1942, later transfered to civilian registration and purchased by TWA for a presidential executive transport for Jack Frye, long serving founder-president of TWA. The plane served a dual purpose as an occassional "Flight Research Laboratory" for TWA, who pioneered high altitude flying research. The famous Lockheed Lodestar was purchased by TWA in 1945, replacing the Lockheed Electra NC-18137, which served the same purpose. The Lodestar, flown exclusively by Jack Frye, was also utilized occassionally by Howard Hughes. After the plane was sold by TWA in 1954, it was purchased by Daniel Peterkin Jr., and used as an executive plane for the Morton Salt Corp., of which Peterkin was an executive. (father was a founder) Peterkin also was a president of Howard Aircraft Corp., incidently one of the Morton Salt company pilots was one of Howard's test pilots. TWA, and Peterkin were two of the longest owners, which also included, American General Insurance, and Alex W. Head.

    The plane was last heard of in the Ohio area, but may have been in Ft Lauderdale, Florida as well. Have you ever seen the plane, heard of any of the owners, or know what has happened to it? Do you happen to have a photo of the plane from the TWA years, or even later?
    Please see the most recent documentation of the plane on this website:


    I appreciate your interest and hope someone might know something about this elusive, yet famous Lodestar!

    Randall Reynolds

    webmaster for:

    The Jack and Helen Frye Story
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