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Is this realisitic..?

Last post 11-29-2006, 1:59 AM by Domey. 0 replies.
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  •  11-29-2006, 1:59 AM 3790

    Is this realisitic..?

    Hello everyone =)


    For starters, I am a 22 male, 5'7 and roughly 130 lbs.  I believe I am small enough for a cockpit, and young enough for the program.


    However, when I was younger I didnt do well in school.  Not that I couldnt, but, I didnt care for it so I slacked off.  I didnt end up finishing highschool however I did return and got my G.E.D.(Rather quick, took me a little over a week.  This was 3+ years after not attending school).

    I am not so sure about my vision.  When I was younger I was given reading glasses.  However I never used them and was, and still am, able to read just fine.  My vision with text can be a little fuzzy but other then that, I see things just fine.

    I use to be in great shape, as I was a promising boxing.  I ran 3+ miles a day, trained 2+ hours a day, and was extreemly fit.  I havent been able to do this because of a car accident almost 5 years ago inwhich I had a possible fracture in my neck.  I still see a chiropractor weekly for adjustments.

    I recently started boxing again, and was able to take punches just fine.  I just recently had to stop, again, cause I broke my toe(I am just so unlucky it seems!).

    So, with me having no education, I am just curious how realistic it would be for me to become a fighter pilot in the USAF.

    I understand I need an advanced degree, or atleast to be pursuing one.  There is my other problem.  I am currently not working so I cannot afford to attend college.  I have been talking to a friend and he says that I may qualify for financial aid.


    It has always been of high interest to me ever since I was a child to fly fighter jets, and lately it has become something I am very intersting in pursuing.

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