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USAFA bound

Last post 01-21-2007, 1:23 AM by raimius. 2 replies.
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  •  11-24-2006, 4:48 PM 3772

    USAFA bound


    My name is Zach and I have been obsessed with flight since I was four.  I always knew I wanted to go to the Air Force Academy, but I recently decided that I am going to do whatever it takes to get in.  It has always been my dream to fly a F-22, F-18, F-117, or F-16.  Not that it matters but I have been playing flight simulators since I was six and I know basic things about flight.  I am currently a sophomore in high school and have a 3.50 GPA.  I am joining CAP very soon, and taking Algebra 2 over the summer so I can graduate with calculus.  I come from an extremely competetive school (San Ramon Valley High in Danville, CA, just east of San Fransisco.)  Grades and Athletics mean everything here.  I plan to make the varsity tennis team as a junior.  I wrestled as a freshman and I work out everyday.  I am 5'10 3/4, 150 pounds, and have 20/20 vision.  I plan to make a career out of the Air Force.  What else should I do to have better chances at getting in?  Thanks for your time.


  •  11-27-2006, 6:17 AM 3784 in reply to 3772

    Re: USAFA bound


    Thanks for the write back. I'm already doing over 2 miles every weekday in basketball. Plus situps, and pushups on my own. For leadership qualitys, I am President of our student council, A leader on our football team, and I always get the good leader ship remarks on my report card. Right now i'm looking into getting involoved in CAP. For getting in contact with Governer, Senator, Congressmen ect... My dads on the local school board, so hes friends with this guy on the City Council, whos friends with the County Commissioner and so on. I can't take honors classes this year because they are not offered in 8th grade.

  •  01-21-2007, 1:23 AM 3969 in reply to 3772

    Re: USAFA bound

    Clubs, leadership, athletics, and academics are all important.  Remember the the average USAFA cadet had somewhere around a 3.8 GPA in high school.  Academics (GPA, class rank, SAT/ACT scores) count for 60% of the admissions process, so that is the most important.  However, you cannot neglect the other aspects either.


    For congressional nominations, connections are NOT required.  Each congressman will usually put together a committee to review and interview each person who sends them a nomination application.  They then select the best candidates.  If you want an in depth description, you can go to serviceacademyforums.com or talk.collegeconfidential.com and find the "nominations" threads under the Service Academy forums.

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