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To improve my chances?

Last post 06-22-2007, 10:37 PM by raimius. 3 replies.
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  •  06-09-2007, 3:23 PM 4405

    To improve my chances?

    Well, like most people here, I am wanting to become an Fighter Pilot. I am still not sure if i want to join the Airforce or the Navy/Marines.

    I am in the 8th Grade, 14. Right now i have all A's. And im doing leadership courses. Since its middle school, the Acadamy or which ever I go to won't be looking at my middle school records.

    Next Year im taking: all regualar courses, with 1 Pre-AP class. Cross Country, Track, and a language. With some not important electives. I will be flooding myself with clubs and community service in school and outside. As well as doing Boy Scouts

    In 10th Grade I will be taking JROTC till i get out of HS. Also some athletic sports. I will still be doing Boy Scouts, Community Service, and lots of clubs.

    I am not too worried about grades cause i study hard. I excell the most in Math, Science, and L.A.

    Will the Acadamy not accept you if they see that you havnt done too many AP classes? or do they care about the grades you got in whatever you are in?

    What else can i do to help prepare myself? Or am i all set up?

    Also, What are the main diffrences between the USAF and the USN. I know, one is on ship one is on ground. What else?

  •  06-17-2007, 6:27 PM 4427 in reply to 4405

    Re: To improve my chances?

    Academically, you should try to be in the highest level classes you can (usually AP level) and still get good grades.  Math and Science are critical for USAFA.  AP classes are not critical, but they will definitely improve your competitiveness.

    As far as clubs and sports, the academies want to see a variety of activities, but it is better to have a few programs where you are a leader, than simply be a member of many programs.

    Try to make Eagle Scout, earn the leadership in JROTC, and play sports.

  •  06-22-2007, 3:28 AM 4436 in reply to 4427

    Re: To improve my chances?

    ive also got another question.

    I might be going to a boarding school in colorado. I will be there in 10th grade. Should i still do all my clubs and sports and community service in 9th grade?

    And how will the USAFA know that i have done these? Which senator should i contact to show that im interested. Texas or Colorado?

    Will being in a boarding school, lower my chances?
  •  06-22-2007, 10:37 PM 4447 in reply to 4436

    Re: To improve my chances?

    Yes, the academy will ask for all your extracurriculars from your high-school years.

    Will your residency legally change when you go to school?  I would doubt it, but be sure.  You would apply to whichever representatives work for your state (and district) of residency. (probably Texas, but double check)

    Boarding school shouldn't lower your chances as long as you keep your grades up, take the challenging classes, and stay involved in extracurriculars there.

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