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What are my chances?

Last post 07-04-2007, 11:24 PM by Falcon4. 2 replies.
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  •  07-02-2007, 2:36 AM 4484

    What are my chances?

       I currently am going into my sophmore year of High School and am wondering if I would be able to get into the AFA with my current status. I will be improving everything I am going to list.

       Allright my Freshman year I didnt get to good of grades because the last month and a half I got Mono and was hospitalized for a few weeks and was unable to go to school for about a month and finished the year with only a 3.0 GPA. I will be bringing this up though to my normal 4.0 that I have had since six grade.

        My math skills, well arnt the best I hope to be gitting in honors Geometry by my sophmore year.

       History I am in honors now and know a ton of WWII facts and other historical time periods.

      Science I love and will be going into honors with that next year.

       I play JV baseball and Varsity next year, want to play football or run XC next year.

       I am going to be a Jr. Explorer or Jr. FireFighter at my local Fire Department. I never got a chance to go into the Boy Scots and so on.

       I will be joining the history club next year and hopfully and enginering club.

       I never got to bet nominated President, V.P. or Secritary at my School on account it was more of a popularity contest at my High School.

       My vision is 20/25. I can run the mile in 5min and 56 seconds and will be working on that because I think that time went down, I go to the gym and weight lift 3 times a week, I can do 60-65 sit ups in a minute and continue to improve, 40-50 push-ups and 5 pull ups that I am working on and will be getting up any time.

       So I was wondering if I have any chance at the Academy or will it be most unlikely because of my Freshman year? Any advice would be nice.

       Also do you get to chose if you want to be a Pilot or does the AFA pick what you type of an aviator you would get to be if any?

    Any advice would be greatly apreciated   

  •  07-03-2007, 5:44 PM 4502 in reply to 4484

    Re: What are my chances?

    You should be good.  You can explain your poor freshman grades (you just did).  As long as your normal grades are high, plus good ACT/SAT scores, you will be fine.

    Stay involved in sports and ECs and go for leadership possitions (they don't have to be class Pres./VP)

  •  07-04-2007, 11:24 PM 4504 in reply to 4502

    Re: What are my chances?

    Thanks for responding and letting me know.
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