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Last post 06-01-1999, 1:21 AM by anonymous2. 1 replies.
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  •  05-31-1999, 10:30 PM 708


    *** Posted by Melvin ***
    Alrite, a Falcon 4 question for the F-16 pilots..hehe
    How do I fire the GBU-24? I selected the weapon, in slave mode, i engaged the target, flew at 3000ft, I couldn't release the bomb! Why? What's the altitude and range for release?
  •  06-01-1999, 1:21 AM 711 in reply to 708

    Re:LGB FIRE?

    *** Posted by Rapier ***
    Hi Melvin,

    I have had this problem before and it still happens to me today. What I have found is that you have to line up the target well in advance and keep the bomb fall line right on the target. I think you are flying a bit low also try upping the alt to about 12 (between 10-15 k) fly the plane horizontally and when the little horizontal line comes down from the top of the bomb fall line and lines up with your flight path marker you will get a bomb release cue indicated by a flashing circle in the HUD. This is the cue to pull back on the stick to a 40 degree nose high and keep the plane at the 40 degrees untill you hear the bomb release. If you want to go in low and hard on the target dont go below 2000 ft (make that the rule when your bombing) and do the same as above keeping the bomb fall line on the target. When you are within range the bomb's should release, if they dont go round again and go to about 5000 ft and use the HUD to make the attack like a slight dive but dont go in to fast or make sharp deviations or the bomb's wont release. I also found that you have to hold the weapons release button long before it matches up with your Flight Path Marker as suggested by RUN and this seemed to work for me.

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