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To Ice some Merge tips RE: to your related message

Last post 06-03-1999, 12:10 AM by anonymous2. 0 replies.
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  •  06-03-1999, 12:10 AM 717

    To Ice some Merge tips RE: to your related message

    *** Posted by Rapier ***
    Hello Ice,

    Thanks for your message, well where do I start about the merge? There's loads of pilots that have different theories about this but I will tell you a bit of what I know and what I do in this situation.

    This type of situation happens but happens rarely. Most of the Air combat today in real aircraft happens at BVR, but let's assume that we were in this situation because there are some interesting things I have learned when dogfighting in close quarters. Firstly there are loads of different variablesand conditions for this situation but let's take one into consideration.

    If your heading towards a bandit attempt to gain a visual and watch him like a hawk. To put the game plan together approaching the merge, attempt to gain turning room laterally and
    below the bandit. As you enter the bandit's turn circle you will begin to see rapid movement aft on your
    canopy. Begin a low-to-high lead turn. If the bandit turns into you this will force a two circle fight. This
    also means you are turning in the shortest direction to maintain tally. At the pass, overbank to get your
    nose below the horizon to take advantage of radial G. Use a maximum G pull until low corner plateau
    velocity (350 - 400 KCAS is a good window). Analyze the bandit's energy by evaluating his nose rate and
    movement across the horizon and transition to a sustained turn rate pull. Set up the next pass to be the
    low man. At the bandit's turn circle, when you begin to recognize definition on his aircraft
    (approximately 3000'), begin a low-to-high lead turn, overbanking to use radial G, if possible. Do not
    lose tally or go belly-up. Continue this plan until you achieve a position of advantage. Take shots of
    opportunity but never give up all your energy for one shot unless it guarantees a kill. It is also important
    to maintain over-the-top airspeed until the bandit has given up his over-the- top capability. Even with
    equal performing aircraft, if you lead turn and use radial G to your advantage, you will gain a positional
    advantage. When you have the positional advantage, transition to offensive BFM and kill the bandit. This is what I do in this situation and if you dont understand anything dont hesitate to ask, this is basic fighting manuvers in it's purest form and this is also what done in real life. Another way I have found this info is to read plenty of books on BFM as it teaches you the basics of staying alive in the air, though these books are difficult to find in some cases.



    [Oke so let's start the talks about tactics.
    Let me know what you think of this merge, and what you would do in the Facon wen going head to head with the enemy, one thing that will never happen in real combat.

    Kind regards ICE.]

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