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Why fly.

Last post 10-14-2013, 1:41 PM by ahartley. 5 replies.
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  •  03-07-2009, 6:58 PM 7292

    Why fly.

    Don't get me wrong, I want to fly but as a 13 year old is it worth it. What does it feel like to fly. (Don't spoil it), I need to know if my money will be well earned and spent. I would like a private and then IFR license. How often should I take lessons seeing as I can't solo till 16 or get my private until 17? How much time and money will I spend for the solo, private and IFR. Should I make this investment will it payoff if not in a pathway to a commercial license  in the experience of it? Is it worth the time and money?

  •  04-20-2012, 11:34 AM 11386 in reply to 7292

    Re: Why fly.

    It is. You'll never know until you go up.
    Check out www.barronaviation.com for flight training.
  •  04-23-2012, 11:28 AM 11393 in reply to 11386

    Re: Why fly.

    I think this thing helps
  •  07-05-2012, 9:55 PM 11618 in reply to 11393

    Re: Why fly.

    We are Strike Wing Aviation Training Center, Inc. We are located at G/F Philcox Hangar, domestic Rd., Pasay City, Philippines. We offer package course of

    PPL+CPL+IR and ME at $37,000 US.
    For inquiry, questions, enrollment & package course concern please feel free to reply.

    Accommodation, food, Ground class, Actual Flight, Flight simulator, Special Study Permit, Immigration visa extension, NBI Clearance, Pilot License, Check-ride, CAAP Medical, Philippines NTC Radio License, Pilot's uniform 1 set and Pilot shirt 1 pc, School materials.

    Email: info@strikewing.co
    Office number: (+632)852-3637
    Cell number: (+63)918-5321887
    Website: www.strikewing.co

    To avoid from scam people You can now enroll with us directly even without the help of the aviation school consultant or business associates. Our certified employees will guide you how to enroll with us through email or phone. The correct contact information is written above. Enroll and Contact Us Now!
  •  02-19-2013, 12:23 PM 12255 in reply to 11618

    Re: Why fly.

    I encourage everyone to use air travel as an efficient and safe means of travel.  Many people have a fear of flying but most of their fears are based on irrational thoughts.  Just keep in mind if you ever are nervous on a plane that the entire design of an aircraft is to produce lift.  In other words the craft wants to go up, not fall down.  Only catastrophic situations and rare occurrences can force a plane into the ground. 
  •  10-14-2013, 1:41 PM 12662 in reply to 7292

    Re: Why fly.

    Hey Monks700 - it's been over 4 years ago since you posted this question... you are now well past 16 - did you do it? I hope you did, and if you are still around and get notifications about this response, I'd love to hear about your decisions as to why you did or did not pursue flight training.

    I and several compatriots posted about why *we* fly in our first "Blogging in Formation" posts as a group. My contribution is here: http://smartflighttraining.com/why-i-fly, and I recently posted some completely non-aviation reasons that a person might become a pilot.

    I hope you did choose to get your pilots license, and I hope the links I provided help you and others make that choice easier in the future...

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