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smoke oil concentrates

Last post 10-09-2009, 2:05 PM by FroggysFog. 1 replies.
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  •  08-18-2007, 8:29 PM 4641

    smoke oil concentrates

    i have a question for you guys who use white smoke oil.

    i know people have tryed using color smoke oil concentrates and many have had no luck.

    we manufacture color smoke for sky diving and now produce color smoke concentrates for piston engines.

    the problem with concentrates is the dyes. the dyes are not very tolerant to much of any thing if the formula is not mixed correctly. basicly the correct formula is never listed on the net,but even if you get lucky enough to get the correct formula the mix has to be blended down to the gram or it will not work.

    the other problem with concentrates is they wont work with the same white smoke oil injector most people use. the injector is to big.

    my question is this.

    if we can produce a injector that will allow the concentrates to work in piston engines do you think there would be a market.

    i know a lot of people think these concentrates only work in jet engines.

    well that is not true.

    these dyes work at temps of around 400C now your exhaust header produces a lot more heat than that so that rules out the heat problem real fast.

    it leaves only two possable problems,one is the delivery system. the injector size is every thing.

    the second problem is the formula.

    these dyes are no different than pyrotechnic dyes,they do the same thing.

    these dyes have to be blended right to the gram this includes the reducers and the carring agents. if one compound is off by as much as a ounce the whole batch is junk.

    with piston engines the tollerence is even closer.

    any way i just wanted to gey your thoughts.

    and yes if staining may or may not be a problem.

    the good news is if the correct injector is used and the correct mix is followed the clean up problems will be very small.

  •  10-09-2009, 2:05 PM 8402 in reply to 4641

    Re: smoke oil concentrates

    Hey there, I own a company that manufactures smoke fluid/oils for all types of smoke generators, both water based and various types of oil based. I can tell you that we have been working on "colored" smoke in either product line for the military and training services but can't find a way to make it effectively work.. It is always toxic or permanently stains whatever it contacts. As a fellow pilot, I too would love to make the colored smoke work but, so far it is a no go. We have been working on this for 8 years now and some of the best minds is science have worked on it even longer. As far as smoke oil... we sell a gallon for around $20.00 US. My company is called Froggy's Fog and can be reached via the web at: www.froggysfog.com . Later this year we will launch our new site for pilots at: avsmoke.com which currently links back to our fire training site. I would love to be a guest on this forum for smoke related questions. FYI, if you want to "go it alone" and do your own fluid you need to stay between 40 and 70 wt. depending on temps and EET. Hope this helps!
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