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Air Traffic Control..

Last post 12-11-2009, 10:58 AM by Romeo. 0 replies.
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  •  12-11-2009, 10:58 AM 8722

    Air Traffic Control..

    So i've been working on these assignments forever now.. I just can't seem to get anywhere on them and the finals is coming up.. I just need help i guess.. If you can help please email me at romeodrawn@yahoo.com.. I will have the things listed below that i need help on. Thanks everyone for reading..

    1) What is the SRS minimum separation required for a C421(SRS cat II) landing the same runway behind a departing heavy B747 (SRS cat III)? 

    2) What is the SRS minimum separation required for a B737 (SRS cat III) landing the same runway behind another B737 that has just landed? 


    3) Visibility at the airport is more than 10NM and sunset has occurred. What is the minimum required separation for a C172 landing the same runway behind a P28A that has just landed?   

     4) Assuming you just landed in a Piper Seneca (SRS cat II), what would be the required SRS separation if a C310 (SRS cat II) was landing behind you? 

    5) Assuming you have landed and are rolling out in the Piper Seneca (SRS cat II), Where must you be before a Gulfstream 4 (SRS cat III) landing behind you crosses the landing threshold in order to have the minimum SRS required separation? 

    6) What is the SRS requirement for a Beech Duchess (SRS cat II) landing behind a C152 (SRS cat I) that has just landed and is rolling out? 

    7) “Cleared for takeoff” is an appropriate clearance for a helicopter that is departing from a non-movement area. True or False.

     8) A helicopter is departing the east ramp that is not visible from the control tower. Give an example of an appropriate takeoff clearance for this situation. 

     9) At what point is an aircraft that is crossing a runway considered clear? 

    10) What is the SRS requirement for a category I aircraft that is landing behind a category II aircraft that has just landed? 


    1.  Reference wake turbulence, two parallel runways are considered the same runway if they are separated by? 

     2.  Two aircraft are taking off simultaniously on runway 28 and runway 33 which do not intersect. The aircraft have been instructed to fly runway heading. What separation is required? 

     3.  Due to low cloud ceilings, the local controller cannot see the departing or arriving aircraft. What separation is used between an arrival making an approach to a runway where an aircraft is departing? 

     4.  Two aircraft are taking off simultaniously on parallel runways that are 2,100 feet apart? Their departure courses diverge by 30 degrees. Neither aircraft is a Heavy/B757. What separation is required?

     5.  Define the approach gate.

     6.  The reported visability is 2 miles at the airport to which you are vectoring an aircraft for an ILS approach. How close to the airport may you allow the aircraft to join the final approach course?

     7.  What is the maximum degree of intercept angle to the final approach course may you give the aircraft described in question six?

     8. What is always the last element of the approach instructions?

     9. What is the minimum diagonal separation required between two aircraft making approaches to parallel runways that are separated by 5,000 feet?

     10. What is the minimum separation provided to two aircraft that are joining the final approach courses to parallel runways?

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