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Last post 10-31-1999, 10:32 AM by anonymous2. 0 replies.
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  •  10-31-1999, 10:32 AM 918


    *** Posted by Kim Nielsen ***
    [Hi Run,

    Is it true that the Danish AF is seriously involved in the development of the JSF program? I've just read from a reliable source that the Danish AF will have purchased a large batch of the JSF aircraft to eventually replace all the F-16's.



    JSF? Joint Strike Fighter?

    Unforunabely I remembered having read this debate and remembered it as the swedish JAS (Gripen), causing me a lot of trouble in between other avi-knowing persons.
    Checking up today, confirm my opponents word of JAS is not a considered aircraft. But now I'm confused a little:
    Wich aircraft is beeing developed in the JSF-programme?

    Kim Nielsen.
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