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wire frame on jet fighter canopy...

Last post 11-04-2010, 8:36 PM by milpilot. 1 replies.
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  •  04-15-2010, 12:46 PM 9130

    wire frame on jet fighter canopy...

    Hi.  Just curious...I have seen many jet fighter canopy with some sort of wire frame at the (inside) top of the canopy.  See AV-8 Harrier or T-45 canopy.  What is this wire frame for?  Thanks.
  •  11-04-2010, 8:36 PM 9759 in reply to 9130

    Re: wire frame on jet fighter canopy...

    The wire is actually a detonation chord.  During the ejection sequence, the chord fractures the canopy allowing the pilot to safely eject through it.  Some jets, like the F-16, don't have detonation chords and have to blow the canopy completely off first before the seat can safely eject from the aircraft.


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