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  • Re: Split ailerons on the A-10

    It is common for a lot of fighters to have speed brakes deployed during landing. The reason is that engine spoolup time is somewhat slower than for a prop aircraft and if you have speed brakes deployed you can keep a higher powersetting during the landing. If you should have to go around you can quickly gain power by closing the speedbrake while ...
    Posted to Questions/Comments to Avitop.com (Forum) by run on July 2, 2007
  • Re: Where can I find my contents?

    Sorry about the late reply - we have sent the information requested to your email address. The information regarding ''Air Traffic Control in Korea''&nbsp;has&nbsp;been sent to &nbsp;yichoe@yahoo.com which is the email on file for that website. Please make sure you read the following when adding the ...
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by run on July 2, 2007
  • Re: What is the different???

    The -300 is longer and can carry more passengers/freight. Look here for details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_777 &nbsp;
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by run on July 2, 2007
  • Re: 3 enignes??

    The B727-300 never went into production. It was supposed to be a stretched version of the B727-200 with JT8D-200s engines like the MD80. modified wing leading edge, and four-wheel main gear trucks. It got cancelled because UAL declined to order them.
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by run on July 2, 2007
  • Re: Thinking of changing careers-becoming mechanic and/or pilot

    If you don't like people - don't consider an Airline or Military career. You will have to deal a lot with people in booth career fields!
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by run on July 2, 2007
  • Re: want to know about the PABT test

    Pilot Aptitude Battery Test is an aptitude test designed and conducted for all those candidates who aspire and apply for a flying career in the Air Force. The main aim is to test the mental alertness, presence of mind and self-confidence of the candidate. It checks whether a prospective candidate has proper control over his nerves while he is ...
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by run on July 2, 2007
  • Re: aerodynamic question

    Hi, Look here for a good description of what is causing the Vapor/wing vortices: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wingtip_vortices The reason you see it a lot when a fighter is pulling G's is because the pressure differential between the top and bottom of the wing is a lot higher compared to just flying straight and level at 1 G. At 9 G's the wing is
    Posted to Questions about the F-16 (Forum) by run on June 30, 2007
  • Re: Flight Video Magazine's new web-site: Airshows and Performers

    Hi KeithAdvertising your site is not allowed in our forum. You can contact us by email if you wish to advertise. Other than that you are welcome to use our free services Aviation top 1000 and the link section.Regards RUN
    Posted to Airshows (Forum) by run on June 12, 2007
  • Re: Re:top speed

    You are correct that it is an approximation, but a fairly close one. Your formula is more correct. Notice however that you have to enter Absoulute Temperature, so 273.15 + Degree C.
    Posted to Questions about the F-16 (Forum) by run on March 29, 2007
  • Help us catch the cheaters !!!

    If you catch somebody trying to cheat in the Aviation Top 1000 list. Please report them using the ''Report Site'' link on the Statistics Page for the site in question.
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by run on January 22, 2007
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