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F16 takeoff
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  • Re: civilian owned f-16C

    My apologies to all concerned--my machhine is a block 52 not 42--don't know what I was thinking at the time. This machine has currently lost its lease and is looking for a home with a professional attitude. A Falcon4 club in the upper midwest U.S. would be ideal. Any help would be greatly appreciated ASAP. Thank you.
    Posted to Questions about the F-16 (Forum) by Falcon21 on April 7, 2003
  • F16 and F4.0+

    I have noticed the info on the F16 gets really technical and in depth. References have been made quite frequently to Falcon 4.0 and subsequent patches. It should be common knowledge by now that the Falcon series of ''games'' has the U.S. Air Force ASAT program at its heart. This was declassified and embellished to make a product acceptable to the ...
    Posted to Questions about the F-16 (Forum) by Falcon21 on February 9, 2003
  • Re: Re:Rudders

    I cannot guarantee results--but I will try to obtain the details you want. I did not use an exact replica of the rudder pedals. They aren't used very often.
    Posted to Questions about the F-16 (Forum) by Falcon21 on January 25, 2003
  • Re: Re:top speed

    Your numbers are pretty much correct. When I flew F16s the top end was about mach2. It depends: if you are going uphill or downhill.
    Posted to Questions about the F-16 (Forum) by Falcon21 on January 25, 2003
  • Re: F-16AM flght manual

    If you get that manual, send me a copy. I have been trying to get one for 14 years.
    Posted to Questions about the F-16 (Forum) by Falcon21 on January 25, 2003
  • Re: civilian owned f-16C

    In 1992, I built an F16C block 42 full size active cockpit simulator. After several moves, it rested in a museum in Minneapolis, Minn. Thousands of people enjoyed the experience of that machine. Now, the museum has decided it wants something else, so my machine has to move again. No, you are not the first, but if I cannot find a proper place for ...
    Posted to Questions about the F-16 (Forum) by Falcon21 on January 25, 2003
  • Re: Stick info needed

    Military joysticks will vary in the exact degree of movement. Set the F18 to whatever fits your cockpit and feels right. If you use stops with setscrew adjustment, you can change it in the future if you must be precise. No pilot really cares as long as the plane flies correctly. I built the first civilian F16C simulator in 1992. It was a real mess ...
    Posted to Questions about the F-16 (Forum) by Falcon21 on January 25, 2003
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