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  • Sorry to hear that

    Hi run, Im sorry to hear that. I would like to add to recorded that I have never intended on cheating. It was an honest inaccuracy which I had no way of fixing until today! Never the less I understand your policy and will not bother you again. I have removed all codes as you have requested. Best Regards, Michael Judah ComPilots.com
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by compilots on March 8, 2003
  • Done!

    Ok! Every website displays only its ID: Fly! (1677) ComPilots (1674) I do have one more question: I have 3 HTML lines: &lt;a href=''http://www.avitop.com/aviation/default.asp?UserId=1674''&gt; &lt;img name=''av'' src=''avitop11.jpg'' width=''88'' height=''72'' border=''0'' alt=''AVIATION TOP 100 - www.avitop.com''&gt; &lt;img ...
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by compilots on March 8, 2003
  • Re: Password?

    Hi again, I remember receiving that Email but I also remember our Email exchange in which we agreed on leaving one of the websites active. (ComPilots.com). Regarding the image, it has been loaded a long time ago! I use the address http://www.compilots.com/avitop11.jpg in order to display your logo. I now have full access to the internet and some ...
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by compilots on March 8, 2003
  • Password?

    Hi RUN, I have forgotten my password for the AVITOP100 list. I have tried a few times to retrieve it but to no avail. My users name is: COMPILOTS Thanks in advance Michael Judah ComPilots.com
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by compilots on March 7, 2003
  • Captain Terror!

    Hello fellow aviators, I have the erg to send this thought out there in hope that someone will take notice. I find it hard to understand that terrorists manage to receive Pilot training without being detected! The thought that a person willing to commit suicide in order to kill innocent people, can just walk into a flying school and within a ...
    Posted to Aviation Safety (Forum) by compilots on February 14, 2003
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