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  • Re: Air Force Acedemy

    First, math is simple to me and i actually seem to like it. I've been through books and books and talked to people about the major i plan on taking. The thing is that i want to design and fly planes(fly as a fighter, design after i retire), now this want isnt weak, it is what i plan on doing with my life and believe me I havent taken ANYTHING ...
    Posted to How to become a Military Pilot (Forum) by payniel on April 20, 2004
  • Re: Air Force Acedemy

    Now, from wat i've been hearing from my doctor the last time i talked to him is that 20/10 is better(means i can see things at 20 feet, that normal eyes would have to 10 feet away from to see). And I dont exactly know i'm getting into the academy, especially since my age is too few. But it is always good to have steely determination, and good ...
    Posted to How to become a Military Pilot (Forum) by payniel on February 22, 2004
  • Re: becoming a fighter pilot

    Yes, you need to be an officer to fly any type of military airPlane, helicopters are different, you just sign up for it throught the army and they send you to warrant officer school. If you go into ROTC and graduate and then join the airforce you can fly fighters but you will be very lucky if you do. The best bet for flight of any type is the ...
    Posted to How to become a Military Pilot (Forum) by payniel on February 22, 2004
  • Re: Air Force Acedemy

    Well, no one answered anythign i had to say there, so i have some other questions. Like the maximum hieght a pilot can have, and the vision as i have around 20/10, which is suppose to be better than 20/20, so is it?
    Posted to How to become a Military Pilot (Forum) by payniel on February 2, 2004
  • Air Force Acedemy

    I've seen quite a bti of these threads up and around but I jsut wondering. Now, i have a ''profile'' already wiht Academy Admissions and am following their guidlines for entering. I myself am a Sophmore in highschool and about 10 months ago i realised that i am going to the Air Force Academy. The only problem so is what i should most likely do ...
    Posted to How to become a Military Pilot (Forum) by payniel on January 29, 2004
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