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  • Re: Air Force Acedemy

    Has anybody considered making a sticky thread on: ''future fighter pilots?'' Seems really common. Anyway, first is some general advice for flying for any service, and possibly any nation: 1)Be an overachieving tool. Always go the extra mile. 2)Don't wait for a recruiter to come to you. In the US, aviators aren't recruited, YOU have to take the ...
    Posted to How to become a Military Pilot (Forum) by navair85 on March 18, 2004
  • Re: Advantage of a semi-active radar guided missile?

    To simplify the issue, compare the late model Sparrows, AIM-9M against their ARH counterparts(AIM-120). The AIM-120 offers BOTH a ''semi'' SARH and ARH mode of launch. The AIM-7 is limited completely to SARH. It's easy to think the SARH gives you a ''second chance.'' That's not true. Once the first missile has gone wild, you may as well take ...
    Posted to Weapons (Forum) by navair85 on March 18, 2004
  • Re: Re:What's better the Viper or Hornet?

    The Rhino(as the SH is getting called) is a completely different aircraft from the original Hornet. It has more powerful engines, a better radar, more payload capacity, more bombs per plane than the Tomcat, the latest in countermeasures technology, and a completely revolutionary flight profile ability which you can't tell just by looking. One ...
    Posted to Weapons (Forum) by navair85 on March 18, 2004
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