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F16 takeoff
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  • Re: Question to pilots and experts

    There are many variables to consider to accurately drop ''dumb'' bombs (bombs that are not guided on the way down.) The most important variables are aircraft ground speed, heading, and altitude, assuming straight and level flight. If the bomb is released in a turn or during a climb or dive, other variables become very important. Wind direction ...
    Posted to Questions about the F-16 (Forum) by KenV on January 14, 2008
  • Re: Jet A and the magical melting tower?????

    I'd recommend getting one of those aluminum foil brain protectors.&nbsp; You seem to be under the influence of some strange reality twisting rays.
    Posted to Questions/Comments to Avitop.com (Forum) by KenV on January 29, 2007
  • Re: Carrier Landing Practice

    After the USAF flew Navy aircaft for several years (The F-4 and A-7), they learned to really like having an arrestor hook.&nbsp; The F-15 and F-16, although totally non carrier capable, both have an arrestor hook, as does the F-117 and F-22.&nbsp; Why?&nbsp; Almost all military bases worlwide have ''field arresting gear''.&nbsp; Theses system ...
    Posted to Questions/Comments to Avitop.com (Forum) by KenV on January 29, 2007
  • Re: The latest/most common carrier aircraft

    The F/A-18 Hornet is the primary tactical aircraft in the Navy fleet.&nbsp; It has taken on the roles of the A-6, F-4, F-14, KA-3, RF-8, and RA-5.&nbsp; It will soon replace the EA-6 The F/A-18 C and D (C version is single seater, D version is two seater) is being replaced by the F/A-18 E and F and is called the ''Super Hornet''.&nbsp; Besides ...
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by KenV on January 29, 2007
  • Re: Please Help! HS Senior in Distress

    As a&nbsp;USNA grad I'd say you made the right choice.&nbsp; Go Navy!! You are correct the at USNA nearly 100% of midshipmen who choose Navy Air get it.&nbsp; As for your chances of flying TacAir (Navy for tactical jet aircraft), that's pretty good too.&nbsp; Not many ''heavies'' in the Navy, but there are some.&nbsp; But there are also lots of ...
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by KenV on January 20, 2007
  • Re: Am I too short? :(

    I'm a 5ft 2 in pilot in the US Navy right now.&nbsp; I'm a Hornet driver.&nbsp; No problem.&nbsp; I'm good for all Navy fixed wing aircraft and most rotary wing.&nbsp; I'm disqualified for the H-53, all models, but especially the E model, due to my leg reach limitations. All USAF and USN aircarft designed after about 1990 must be able to ...
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by KenV on January 20, 2007
  • Re: Does eyesight prohibit access to piloting

    You gotta have 20-20 vision when you start you pilot career.&nbsp; Your eyes can get worse with age, but they must remain correctable to 20-20 to keep flying. With the advent of laser eye correction, most anybody can get 20-20 vision.&nbsp; But do NOT go to non-military laser eye facility to get your eyes corrected if you want to be a military ...
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by KenV on January 20, 2007
  • Re: Does the military discrimanate against color???

    The military discriminate against blacks?&nbsp; Ever heard of Collin Powell?&nbsp; He's a black man that made it to the very top in the military.&nbsp; The very top.&nbsp; And he started his military career way back when blacks had all sorts of problems in the non-military professional world.&nbsp; There are many many very high ranking African ...
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by KenV on January 20, 2007
  • Re: How much can pilots really do?

    Both USAF and USN pilots have tremendous leeway in flying their missions.&nbsp; They do all their&nbsp;own mission planning and have all sorts of individual&nbsp;laptop computer programs to&nbsp;assist them in that.&nbsp; And once the mission is planned, they have tremendous latitude in executing the mission and can modify the plan pretty much at ...
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by KenV on January 20, 2007
  • Re: NAVY V. USAF

    It all depends on your definition of ''best''. Navy pilots have to land on and routinely operate from an aircraft carrier.&nbsp; Tough stuff.&nbsp; But some USAF pilots have to operate 8 engine aircraft (B-52) and other ''heavy iron'', or operate routinely above 50,000 ft (U-2 and some others) wearing a full pressure suit.&nbsp; USAF also ...
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by KenV on January 20, 2007
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