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  • How does HGS or HUD work ?

    Please can anybody tell me how the Heads Up Display in an airliner know where the runway is situated so that it can ''paint'' a representation of the runway on the screen ?Does the HUD calculate the position from GPS data ?What is involved in certifying an existing HGS system for landings in a country where the HGS is not previously certified ...
    Posted to Avionics (Forum) by SiGunson on October 24, 2005
  • Re: About EGPWS

    EGPWS provides pilots with situation awareness in a graphic map-like format when descending into airports&nbsp;surrounded by&nbsp;high terrain. Unlike the old dumb GPWS which reacts at the last moment and gives no clear indication which way to turn to get out of trouble, EGPWS gives an almost preventative picture of potential problems before it's ...
    Posted to Aviation Safety (Forum) by SiGunson on October 24, 2005
  • Shares in B727 airliner

    SEEKING A STAGE III PAX BOEING 727 TO LEASEI am in the process of creating a new&nbsp;airline venture in New Zealand offering tourist flights to &amp; from&nbsp;Australia. I am frankly capital poor but do have backers prepared to finance the acquisition of an AOC from NZCAA. I also have tour operators prepared to place bookings with me.&nbsp;Given ...
    Posted to Partnerships (Forum) by SiGunson on October 24, 2005
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