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  • Re: AVITOP.COM aviation banner exchange

    Oh ok...that was easy. I got it now. A more detailed statistic is not available, is it? I really like your Top100 stats...they are perfect. Compared to this the banner stats are a little poor ;) I'm far from criticizing avitop.com, I enjoy your great service for the online aviation community. But, like every good webmaster, you probably collect ...
    Posted to Questions/Comments to Avitop.com (Forum) by globemaster on October 15, 2002
  • Re: AVITOP.COM aviation banner exchange

    BTW: milavia...as far as I know the aeroseek banner exchange is still up and working. You can find them on their new URL www.aerobanner.net. It has quite alot members. Unfortunately they currently do not accept new members. I guess most of the websites have the same problems...bandwidth and traffic limits. Peter.
    Posted to Questions/Comments to Avitop.com (Forum) by globemaster on October 15, 2002
  • Re: AVITOP.COM aviation banner exchange

    Hmm...I feel like a beginner....so treat me like that. When I login to my account stats, it only has a link ''Join Banner Exchange'' and when I click that, well, like the name says, I can join the banner exchange. But I don't see any link that lets me check my stats. So could you please describe again (a little more detailed for us slow thinkers) ...
    Posted to Questions/Comments to Avitop.com (Forum) by globemaster on October 15, 2002
  • AVITOP.COM aviation banner exchange

    I'm not sure if I missed something, but is there any way to check my banner stats such as impressions on my site, impr. of my banner, click thru rates etc.? This should include the possibility to change the banner occasionally. Also the script adds a text link ''Avitop.com Aviation banner exchange - Join now!'' below the banner, but when you ...
    Posted to Questions/Comments to Avitop.com (Forum) by globemaster on October 11, 2002
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