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  • ROTC or PLC

    I will start attending Embry-Riddle this fall and am not sure what program is the best. I would like to go thru the AFROTC or NROTC program in order to receive financial aid. However, it sounds like the PLC program offers a better chance of getting a flight guarantee. Does this sound true? Does anyone have any suggestions of why one of these is ...
    Posted to How to become a Military Pilot (Forum) by Bdub on May 26, 2008
  • Re: becoming a fighter pilot

    Which route is usually the best? I am going to Embry-Riddle to study aeronautical science this fall and am looking at NROTC, AFROTC, the PLC program, or maybe even OTS. What are the advantages and disadvantages of some of these options and which route offers the best chances to earn a flight seat?&nbsp; Thanks
    Posted to How to become a Military Pilot (Forum) by Bdub on May 21, 2008
  • How to choose military aviation branch

    I have just graduated and am going to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and earn a degree in Aeronautical Science. After school, I plan on becoming a military pilot; however, I am not sure which branch would be the best. Which branch is the easiest to get a flight position with? Along with that, which branch would be the best if I was ...
    Posted to Aviation Top 100 questions (Forum) by Bdub on May 20, 2008
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