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F16 takeoff
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Avitop Guestbook
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Posted: 7/25/2003
Name: Daniel
Comments: I enjoyed the sight ive always enjoyed flight and aviation like to come back some time.

Posted: 7/23/2003
Name: computerspiele download
Comments: I just surfed in and found your site, I really enjoyed the visit and hope to come back soon.

Posted: 7/23/2003
Name: cyril
Comments: great site

Posted: 7/19/2003
Name: Chris MIlian
Comments: Albany NY aerial photos www.photosfromonhigh.com upstate Enjoyed your photos keep up the good work. Chris Milia aerial photography

Posted: 7/16/2003
Name: Holly
Comments: Great site.. I added it to the links on my webpage.

Posted: 7/13/2003
Name: Australian General Aviation Community Forum
Comments: Great site

Posted: 7/3/2003
Name: steve
Comments: great site keep it up from steve in manchester UK Write comment here

Posted: 7/2/2003
Name: Michael Galster
Comments: I just bought a Bosbok. Would like any info you might have. Especially ex pilots

Posted: 6/24/2003
Name: Robert
Comments: Very nice site. I enjoyed my visit and will come back again.

Posted: 6/18/2003
Name: Gordy bignham
Comments: THis site is really cool

Posted: 6/15/2003
Name: Bill
Comments: Thanks For The help

Posted: 6/12/2003
Name: Nate Moss
Comments: I am known as Thunder Pilot on the web. I love aviation, and own FS2002 pro edition also looking to get CFS3.

Posted: 6/5/2003
Name: Lee Majors
Comments: Good work

Posted: 6/5/2003
Name: Zachary Smith
Comments: Love this site

Posted: 6/5/2003
Name: Oliver
Comments: You have a very nice site.

Posted: 6/4/2003
Name: klingeltoene
Comments: Write comment Just wanted to say hello and congradulate you on a really neat web site. Regards Kaskaphere

Posted: 5/29/2003
Name: Diana Jean Graham
Comments: Cadets is really cool. I've been in cadets for about seven years.Everybody should get a chance to see how cadets is.

Posted: 5/28/2003
Name: Mr T J Taylor
Comments:  nothing to say, so far. Looking for mean machines.

Posted: 5/28/2003
Name: Milpics
Comments: Avitop is a great website for aircraft and military enthusiasts. You guys do yeomens work.

Posted: 5/26/2003
Name: Ariane Müller
Comments: Nice page!

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