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F16 takeoff
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Incredible Adventures
Avitop Guestbook
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Posted: 6/24/2002
Name: Pernille Ankjærgaard
Comments: Hej med dig - dygtig hjemmesidewriter. Hvem er du, der står bag denne side??? Er det mig der er for dum, men jeg kan ikke finde info om dig. Et spørgsmål, hvad er max alderen for at flyve F16???? KH Pernille

Posted: 6/23/2002
Name: grenville nock.ex m-i-marsh
Comments: being a former airman at moreton ilove this site.have many happy memories of moreton.(no 1 fts in my day)1952/53.was demobbed from there dec 53.have been back on visits over the years visited wellington museum and met gerry tyack,a lovely guy to talk to.i recommend a visit to anyone if your`e ever down (or up) that way and have a chinwag with gerry.thank you for a great site,will visit as often as possible.roger and out.Write comment here

Posted: 6/20/2002
Name: tony zeelie
Comments: Write comment here i spent 10 years in south african air force worked on harvards cessna 185s tail drager also worked on bosbok and kudu milatery craft miss the air craft .when i smell afgas it make me feel funny inside hope to hear from you guys chow from sunny south africa we also worked on one of the spitfires the one they stuck into the runway not good. see you soon tony

Posted: 6/19/2002
Name: Ed Clayman
Comments: The web site ratings... where are the ratings tabulated and indexed? Thanks, Ed

Posted: 6/19/2002
Name: Joacim Hallberg
Comments: Very nice page. I use to check every day on my statitics. Thanks. /Jocke

Posted: 6/18/2002
Name: Fábio Miguel Garcia
Comments: Nice!!! Wow!

Posted: 6/15/2002
Name: Lotte Timm
Comments: Rigtig spændende site, stærkt med postkort med fed flyverlyd, interaktivt f16-kursus og mange flotte billeder. Siden er allerede føjet til foretrukne, det er ikke sidste gang jeg har været her! Stor ros til bagmanden.

Posted: 6/14/2002
Name: lis raahauge
Comments: kærlig hilsen mor

Posted: 6/13/2002
Name: Brandon Hughes
Comments: Nice web page im a future airman in the delayed enlistment program. Can't wait to work on these planes.

Posted: 6/12/2002
Name: Richard
Comments: Love the site. I always keep coming back. Please check out mine. I have lots of pictures, movies, online games, airport database, and much more.

Posted: 6/12/2002
Name: William L Wagner
Comments: Write comment hereThank you.

Posted: 6/11/2002
Name: Bill
Comments: Lockheed 48 years..P38,Conny, Electra,F104,U2,SR71,L1011,all great to work with!!!Your site keeps me up to date!! Thanks

Posted: 6/10/2002
Name: plane
Comments: Great site!

Posted: 6/10/2002
Name: AV
Comments: Great site!

Posted: 6/8/2002
Name: Morten Kopp
Comments: Hej med dig du,det er da en 2tal fed site du har bikset op her. er selv ved flyvevåbnet i Karup ved HAWK-Vest. og det er nogle nice pics,har selv nogle men de er alt for store. Hilsen en Fly fan :D

Posted: 6/6/2002
Name: Jakob Nielsen
Comments: Hej. Jeg synes det er en kanon fed side, jeg drømmer selv om at blive pilot en dag.

Posted: 6/3/2002
Name: Jeff Howard
Comments: This is an amazing sight, I am so excited to check it out! Jeff Howard private pilot

Posted: 6/1/2002
Name: Magnus Grenersen
Comments: Hi! Thanks for a great site and -service! Happy to e a part ov Avitop! Magnus

Posted: 6/1/2002
Name: Jonas S. Nielsen
Comments: Helza. Jeg ville bare sige at det er en kanon flot side, med en masse gode billeder. P.S. jeg vil helt vil gerne være jagerpilot når jeg bliver stor.

Posted: 5/30/2002
Name: Karlene Collins/Van Leer
Comments: HELP! I lost Dick Van Leer, my father, helicopter pilot, sharpshooter, chess player, who's who in aviation. Last seen with a suitcase headed for South America. HELP! Anyone who knows him (that's alot) please have him contact me immediately! mi padre, mi amigo...donde esta?

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