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F16 takeoff
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Posted: 4/15/2002
Name: Stig Kristensen
Comments: Very nice site you have made.

Posted: 4/14/2002
Name: Hugo Marengo
Comments: Very nice web,congratulation, I want to say hello. Thank you very much. Hugo Marengo. Manager/Commercial Pilot. M&F EXPRESS.

Posted: 4/8/2002
Name: Mike
Comments: Excellent aviation site.

Posted: 4/8/2002
Name: Tyler Maher
Comments: this website is awesome...i loved looking at all the pics of the planes.

Posted: 4/8/2002
Name: simon christensen
Comments: fed hjemmeside og flotte billeder af mange forskellige fly. for coolt!

Posted: 4/1/2002
Name: mohammed
Comments: den side er rigtig sej og jeg håber i får flere billed

Posted: 4/1/2002
Name: joe
Comments: it`s a very beutiful homepage

Posted: 3/31/2002
Name: Paula de la Rosa
Comments: This is regarding a comment from someone named Lt. Col. TK, (hope I got that right). I thought about that background checks as soon as the 9/11 incident happened, I don't know if they're thinking about that here in Canada, too, but I sure think it's a waste of time, I can't wait to finish working on my licence and I sure don't want any delays just because someone's paranoia is working overtime.

Posted: 3/31/2002
Name: Paula de la Rosa
Comments: Very impressive and breathtaking pictures... I hope you've got more coming.

Posted: 3/26/2002
Name: lauren!!!!!!!!
Comments: not enough info but cool pics! dont flight attedents exist

Posted: 3/25/2002
Name: Jacques Guequierre
Comments: This a very interesting and helpful site. I plan to revisit the site many times.

Posted: 3/25/2002
Name: Jacques Guequierre
Comments: This a very interesting and helpful site. I plan to revisit the site many times.

Posted: 3/23/2002
Comments: Great site.I'm from Mainteanace.A lot of useful data available here.Keep up the good work.

Posted: 3/23/2002
Comments: Neat site.I'm from maintenance.Keep up the good work.

Posted: 3/21/2002
Name: shilei
Comments: good luck to you all

Posted: 3/20/2002
Name: Lt.Col; TK. Strike US. SFS. SOF
Comments: Our goverment is talking about having background check ran on people that are getting pilots license, Well. say this to our goverment and too the department of the FAA the people of the UNITED STATES in our home land do not need a background check ran on them it's the one's thats not from the UNITED STATES needs the background check ran on them and then watched very cloesly by the F.B.I and the C.I.A and any other goverment and private investigation agency's. THINK ABOUT IT....... ...

Posted: 3/15/2002
Name: Tobias
Comments: Det er fandeme en sej side

Posted: 3/13/2002
Name: Neo
Comments: Hey if you find a better website then this il'l give you two thumbs up. This website is the best

Posted: 3/12/2002
Name: Ragnar Ragnars
Comments: Write comment here This site of yours looks wonderful regards.

Posted: 3/11/2002
Name: rogelio
Comments: cool site keep up the good work!

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