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F16 takeoff
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Incredible Adventures
Avitop Guestbook
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Posted: 3/10/2002
Name: TreVor
Comments: I really liked your pictures. But you should have a few more different fighter jets. TreVor

Posted: 3/9/2002
Name: martin
Comments: love the site ,not enough wanna see the sky!

Posted: 3/5/2002
Name: alex wilson
Comments: I thought this sight was cery fasinating

Posted: 3/4/2002
Name: Hemi Noble
Comments: Write comment here Just like to say that this site Rocks. As an air combat fanatic I appreciate the info on this web-page. Russian combat aircraft are my preference but, all millitary aircraft takes my interest Keep up the good work.

Posted: 3/1/2002
Name: Doug Dery
Comments: Great website, I am glad I found it. Thanks!

Posted: 2/27/2002
Name: Sallihin " Razor " Othman
Comments: Great site !! I love the discussions brought up in the forums...keep it up ! :-)

Posted: 2/26/2002
Name: dark star
Comments: alle der har en hjerne skal gå ind www.n.dk og chatte m.v.h #dark star#

Posted: 2/25/2002
Name: Claus Abraham
Comments: Hi John Raahauge Fed side !! Great site. Med venlig hilsen Claus

Posted: 2/24/2002
Name: Kristin
Comments: howdy! I love this site, the pics are great. Im a pilot in the Air Force and Im currently stationed overseas patrolling the amazing and endless sky. Always on top!!

Posted: 2/24/2002
Name: Jesper Skovbjerg
Comments: Min Email er: jesperks@msn.com

Posted: 2/21/2002
Name: Jesper Skovbjerg
Comments: Hej.... Fed hjemmeside!!!! Jeg arbejder selvv på en den er ikk færdi inu men jeg kunne godt bruge det F-16 billedet på din foside! Så hvis du vil sende det til mig eller fortælle mig hvor du har det fra?? Hilsen Jesper Skovbjerg

Posted: 2/17/2002
Name: Per Christian Isdahl
Comments: Hi,folks. I served in The Royal Norwegian Airforce in -83-84 at Ørland Airbase in the middel of Norway,at the 338 sqd. as a weaponsolider. I had a lot of contact with the USAF and your F-4 and F-16 I had a great time with the ingeneers? and whiskey and beers. Keep up your good work, and look out for me on my Harley Davidson 1988 FLTC See you in the air.

Posted: 2/15/2002
Name: Stephen N. Mullins
Comments: Great site. I would like to see more helicopter and HELIPAD - HELICOPTER - HELIPORT - EMERGENCY HELISTOP information.

Posted: 2/9/2002
Name: Stephan
Comments: fin hjemme side men kan du ikke skaffe oplysninger om jagerflyene fra 1965-75 for det var den gang min far var flymekaniker i flyvevåbnet og jeg vil blive glad vis du ka fortælle mig om de forskellige fly som hvad de blev brug som. og jeg ville bliver glad vis du kunne skaffe oplysningerne på samme måde som i anteraktiv f16

Posted: 2/8/2002
Name: Nina Jensen
Comments: Dette er ikke mit rigtige navn. Men når jeg bliver stor vil mig og min beste ven være piloter.

Posted: 2/7/2002
Name: Doug Vernon
Comments: Australia group seeking to purchase Douglas DC-7B. Must be ferriable to Australia. Please contact me at above e-mail address and I will forward information. As for this site, excellent! Keep'em flying! Doug Vernon San Diego, California USA

Posted: 2/1/2002
Name: morten gram
Comments: Skriv indlæg her jeg syntes at det er en god hjemmeside med masser af gode ting og man får alt at vide om fly her.fedt venlig hilsen Morten Gram

Posted: 1/31/2002
Name: Arie v.d. Eijk
Comments: The Netherlands have to buy the JSF. It's a superb plane!

Posted: 1/29/2002
Name: Alisha
Comments: what should be done to aviation planes in respect to terrorism?

Posted: 1/29/2002
Name: Alisha Bray
Comments: what should be done to aviation planes in respect to terrorism?

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