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F16 takeoff
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Posted: 9/16/2001
Name: no name
Comments:  Your website is great! Great F-16 pictures. Your truly, no name

Posted: 9/8/2001
Name: srijit nair
Comments: u r site is great

Posted: 9/7/2001
Name: pernille
Comments: hejza jeg hedder pernille og er 11 år. Jeg bor i aalborg og min far hedder niels og min mor hedder lis. Ha en god dag.

Posted: 9/3/2001
Name: roberto lopez arellano
Comments: Write comment here iam mexicamn i think very godd page internet

Posted: 9/3/2001
Name: martin. sørensen
Comments: hejza jeg er en dreng 14 fra esbjerg, jeg har et emne om F-16 flyet og jeg syndes at det vildt spændene Wiiiiii!!! zez

Posted: 8/30/2001
Name: Chris Gilliland
Comments: Behag unnskyldning min grammer. Norsk er ikke mitt først språk. Jeg pleier pleier si at stedet er stor og å å beholde opp det gode. Mange takk Chris

Posted: 8/29/2001
Comments: Write comment here hi,i'm a 14 year old girl.i'm very interested in flying.i have already soloed in a glider.but i really would like to learn about jets.i live out by luke afb.so every nite i go and watch them.i love the afterburner in the nite sky.i want to go to college.and gone the air force.i really want to be a thunder bird pilot.i any one that knows about jets can write me at my e-mail its adapple@mailchek.com

Posted: 8/29/2001  
Name: Otto olsen
Comments: F 15 hvor hoter kan den flyde tak

Posted: 8/25/2001
Name: Vicki
Comments: Very good.

Posted: 8/23/2001
Name: RANA
Comments: Hello, I am one of the old visitor of combataircraft.com. I like the new attachment of it.Matt thank you very much for the new.I really enjoy it. Thanks. RANA.

Posted: 8/22/2001
Name: M. Swift
Comments: We enjoy looking at the aircraft photos located here. My son is 10 and loves fighter jets so he looks at this site occasionally.

Posted: 8/20/2001
Name: Djordje Miltenovic
Comments: Visit YUModelClub A lot of infornation about Yugoslav Air Force, History of Yugoslav aviation, Yugoslav Aeronautical museum, Model gallery (over 150 models of aircraft, vehicals, ships...)

Posted: 8/20/2001
Name: didrik
Comments: fed siiiiiiideeee

Posted: 8/13/2001
Name: Webmaster 20 sqn
Comments: Check out my site

Posted: 8/13/2001
Name: Mr Meljoe Ferreira
Comments: Very Informative. regds HAWK

Posted: 8/8/2001
Name: Inge Smidt
Comments: send as much info and photos to the above email address. kindest regards, miss i smidt

Posted: 7/30/2001
Name: matthew
Comments: i am 12 and i love jets and this is a cool website

Posted: 7/29/2001
Name: Kathy Hardison
Comments: If you know me and would like to correspond please do. I have somehow been able to register but I can't seem to log on to the site in order to interact with my old friends so I'm counting on you guys to contact me if you want to. Have a great day...Kathy Hardison F/A based in ORF

Posted: 7/25/2001
Name: Bryan Snuffer
Comments: This is a great site. I am an aviation artist and sites like this one are crucial for building a digital reference library.

Posted: 7/23/2001
Comments: No comments as of yet

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