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F16 takeoff
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Avitop Guestbook
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Posted: 7/21/2001
Name: Claude
Comments: Your site is really great for anyone intrested in aircrafts. The interactive F-16 is really cool. Thanks

Posted: 7/21/2001
Name: Maria del Carmen Gómez Myhre
Comments: I'm a Norwigian. Can I Writh on my Langvig. Hei jeg er en jente på 13 år min store drømm er å bli jetjager pilot. Jeg håper jeg kan få noen gode komentarer så jeg holder mote oppe. Jeg håper jeg kommer meg så langt. Jeg håper at dere kan sende meg noe om hva dere må gjøre for å bli jetjager pilot til å fly i en F16. Hvilke tester må dere gjenom gå? Hilsen Maria. PS.dere har en veldig bra side her håper dere kan legge ut noe om hvilke tester dere må gå igjennom. Hilsen Maria.

Posted: 7/18/2001
Name: uskent
Comments: Great work. lotsa precious time shines out of. Bravo Zulu!

Posted: 7/14/2001
Name: Roger Brooks
Comments: Write comment here A great site however I am looking for like minded researchers on the HP Victor and its service with the Royal Air Force. Moore details on my home page

Posted: 7/9/2001
Name: richard f fox
Comments: Aircraft N69279 now owned byRichard Fox transfered from J B Gaiennie. from J B Gaiennie December,2000.

Posted: 7/5/2001
Name: Katie O'Neal
Comments: Hi, I'm Katie from PA This site is awsome I've been here many times and lernt alot. I started going to this site when one of my friends joined the USAF and I cant leave the site alone. Great pictures!

Posted: 7/3/2001
Name: Gary D. Simmons
Comments: Informative site! Former servicemen/women who served at Ardmore Army Air Field (1942-46) or Ardmore Air Force Base (Okla) (1953-59), be aware that a website is available with a chronological history of both activation periods. During WWII, the base was a glider pilot, B-26, B-17 Combat Crew Training School with hundreds of crews training there prior to going overseas. During the Korean period, the 463rd Troop Carrier Wing, 16th TCS, 309th TCG, 419th TCS were stationed there. The Fairchild C-123B and the Hercules C-130A had their initial USAF introduction at the base. Appreciate information, pictures, etc. that would help make this historical site even more complete. Please pass the word to relatives of deceased WWII service persons who served there. Thanks in advance!

Posted: 6/30/2001
Name: Evert
Comments: very nice site!!!! keep up the good work!!

Posted: 6/24/2001
Name: Elmer L. Marting
Comments: As soon as I get the wheel pants on my newely restored TAYLORCRAFT N-96841, I'll send a picture. I plan to fly into the AAA field one of these nice flying days. I am a member of the AAA, #M-21780.

Posted: 6/23/2001
Name: A1C USAF
Comments: i am a f-16 weapons troop i load weapons and repair weapons sys. iam just wondering where did you get your info from you have a very intresting site.

Posted: 6/23/2001
Name: Annelin
Comments: great page

Posted: 6/16/2001
Name: Jochen Kenens
Comments: cool site

Posted: 6/14/2001
Name: fyhuj
Comments: hej

Posted: 6/13/2001
Name: Ross
Comments: Hey cool site If you get anymore pictures can you send me some SEEYa

Posted: 6/12/2001
Name: en god boger
Comments: det er en fed hjemmeside i har her. jeg er fasineret over alle de ting i har om fly, og alle de billeder i har, jeg syntes specielt billederne er fede.

Posted: 6/1/2001
Name: Bill McGuire
Comments: Thanks for a wonderful site! And links to a world of information... Bill McGuire, Author of "After the Liberators: A Father's Last Mission, A Son's Lifelong Journey" (Parkway Publishers, 1999).

Posted: 5/28/2001
Name: Alyx
Comments: This site rocks, i'm hoping to fly in CAF or USAF. I hope to learn & fly the f15 f16 or f22. The page showed me more about f16 making me want to grow up faster.

Posted: 5/28/2001
Name: Richard "Jake" Jaquith
Comments: Great page. Will be back lots more. Jake

Posted: 5/28/2001
Name: armyman
Comments: your site rules it is asome

Posted: 5/28/2001
Name: Mike Beckham
Comments: The General Dynamics F16 is kinda like a family member to me, I grew up around it. My father started to work for General Dynamics at the main plant in Ft.Worth,Tx around 1978 and is still working there to this day (now known as Lockheed Martin). I am very proud of his work, and that his efforts are still in use by the armed services of this country.

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