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F16 takeoff
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Posted: 5/22/2003
Name: Ray Dily
Comments: thank you 4 your site

Posted: 5/22/2003
Name: Loretta Becker
Comments: Hello Tom and Doug, I was with my friend Birgit in March 1993 in Almeria - Spain, met we two there friends Tom and Doug from a USS warship, Tom was 1993, 22 years old. We would stand gladly again with them in contact. Who can help us to find the addresses. Made a photo of us for it, I would like to get this photo gladly, thank in advance. Maybe someone knows the name of the warship in March 1993, in the port of Almeria - Spain was. Please help me all. Yours sincerely Loretta Loretta9@gmx.de

Posted: 5/20/2003
Name: Rik
Comments: Interesting site

Posted: 5/18/2003
Name: hansi
Comments: nette seite

Posted: 5/11/2003
Name: Rachel
Comments: Great Site

Posted: 5/9/2003
Name: jan
Comments: nice page

Posted: 5/1/2003
Name: Alain
Comments: Great site, I wanna thank you for invited me to visit your site, keep it running and Thanks :)

Posted: 5/1/2003
Name: Lohn
Comments: Nice site, seems to be very popular!

Posted: 4/25/2003
Name: janni
Comments: top page

Posted: 4/25/2003
Name: Tom
Comments: A really interesting and COOL DESIGNED Website! Keep it up!

Posted: 4/23/2003
Name: spiele
Comments: Eine wunderbare Seite. Ich müsste mir ein paar Tips von euch holen. Hat viel Spass gemacht hier zu surfen.

Posted: 4/22/2003
Name: The Plaza
Comments: Having seen the ups and downs of Internet sites since 1996, we can see that your site has what it takes to succeed in long term.

Posted: 4/18/2003
Name: Tom
Comments: Hi, I'm from Poland. I'm interesed an Air Forces

Posted: 4/18/2003
Name: juggels
Comments: Klasse Seite gute Übersichte und tolles Design. Gruß

Posted: 4/17/2003
Name: jan
Comments: top page

Posted: 4/16/2003
Name: susi
Comments: Write comment here sweeet kisses

Posted: 4/15/2003
Name: order on line ultram
Comments: hi

Posted: 4/15/2003
Name: janni
Comments: top page

Posted: 4/14/2003
Name: jan
Comments: very nice page

Posted: 4/12/2003
Name: Roland
Comments: Tolle Webseite! Roland

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