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F16 takeoff
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Incredible Adventures
Avitop Guestbook
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Posted: 3/22/2001
Name: J.Pieterson
Comments: Goede site.

Posted: 3/20/2001
Name: nick walsh
Comments: this is tight

Posted: 3/19/2001
Comments: AWSOME

Posted: 3/18/2001
Name: Heine Joergensen
Comments: Fed side! Der sendes hilsner fra NFTC i Canada og vi ser alle frem til at komme hjem til F-16.

Posted: 3/13/2001
Name: roxie
Comments: Hey,does anyone know any websites with photos of pilots currently flying througout the world? if so,id be really thankfull if u could gimme a quick email with the URL,, ty, bye

Posted: 3/12/2001
Name: Richard Hollingsworth
Comments: One of the best and informative sites on the internet.

Posted: 3/12/2001
Name: Bryan Sicard
Comments: This is awsome!!! i cant wait for more pictures! The webtite in my mind ranks #1! -Bryan

Posted: 3/12/2001
Name: Bryan Sicard
Comments: This is awsome!!! i cant wait for more pictures! The webtite in my mind ranks #1! -Bryan

Posted: 3/12/2001
Name: Thomas
Comments: Go side

Posted: 3/9/2001
Name: Inga
Comments: You have a great web page here informative,many useful links & beautiful pics of aircraft... My web page deals with " Getting Mail Out to US, UK, & Allied Military Forces"- No one likes feeling forgotten ,poems, stories, humor, military aircraft & ships,links ,NASA & much more.I do not advocate War. Only that we support those ho serve their Country. I will add you to my Favorite Military links..I am Inga

Posted: 3/5/2001
Name: Ryan Maitland
Comments: Awsome

Posted: 3/3/2001
Name: Hans Ruiter holland
Comments: great site especially the postcards sending service i haven't look all of the site but i certainly will.

Posted: 3/2/2001
Name: laust merrild
Comments: hej hej jeg må ikke verre på internettet mere

Posted: 3/2/2001
Name: laust merrild
Comments: jeg syntets det er en god hjemmeside

Posted: 2/26/2001
Name: R. Isherwood
Comments: Enjoyed visiting your site...

Posted: 2/21/2001
Name: Nick Wolochatiuk
Comments: This is my second input in the guest book. Here's my question: Has there ever been an aerial combat between HELICOPTERS? I can't think of any theatre of war where both sides had operational combat 'fighter' helicopters in service. I know there have probably been instances where helicopter gunships have strafed other helicopters that were just parked on the ground. By the way, I've been photographing aircraft since 1960, and am still at it. I'm not a pilot, just an 'aviation nut'. No, I'm NOT interested in getting into any photo trading situations, but I do looking at some of the wonderful aviation photography that's been done in the past, and still being done today.

Posted: 2/20/2001
Name: Nick Wolochatiuk
Comments: What a great site! I took pictures of an American Beechcraft Baron in British Columbia last summer and promised to send them to the pilot. Unfortunately, I lost his name and address. Thanks to the 'N-number" site, we got re-connected. Thanks! P.S. I'm a real 'aviation nut'. I've flown in 219 different TYPES of aircraft to date - and always looking for other types to scrounge a ride in. I live in Eastern Ontario, near CYCC's 3,500' runway, half-way between Ottawa and Montreal. Anybody out there passing through, or planning to go to Sun n' Fun or Oshkosh?

Posted: 2/20/2001
Name: Gary Humphreys
Comments: Just spent last week Quail hunting with Chuck, what a great guy and great shot....

Posted: 2/20/2001
Name: Arthur
Comments: Outstanding web site just keep getting better and better. Hope to see more of those aircraft detailing pictures.

Posted: 2/20/2001
Name: evan
Comments: Tight site it is cool

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