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Avitop Guestbook
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Posted: 10/23/2002
Name: wingmanup7
Comments: Nice site!!! Lots of info!!!

Posted: 10/17/2002
Name: luchtzak
Comments: Hi all! since years I have been surfing on www.avitop.com, still one of the finest aviation-websites around! greetings, luchtzak

Posted: 10/16/2002
Name: Peter
Comments: I would like to know which simulation game for PC is the best one in evething like graphics, sound, etc. Thanks

Posted: 10/12/2002
Name: Marina
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Posted: 10/10/2002
Name: Carina Stevens
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Posted: 10/9/2002
Name: Jokum Nielsen
Comments: flot hjemmeside. tuttelut

Posted: 10/8/2002
Name: robert
Comments: hi world

Posted: 10/8/2002
Name: matt
Comments: great site

Posted: 10/3/2002
Name: Patricia Hallings
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Posted: 10/3/2002
Name: Gary
Comments: Great site, congratulations! <div id="rt22" style="position:absolute; left:50px; top:-150px; z-index:3"><table width="450" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td><p>Please visit mine, greetings from <a href="http://guestbooks.pathfinder.gr/read/garycooper"> Gary </a></p></td></tr></table></div>

Posted: 10/2/2002
Name: trey sanders
Comments: hey my name is trey and i love airpplanes and soon am going to the airforce to be a flier

Posted: 9/25/2002
Comments: Yo Run, hope you're still having fun at Sheppard! One month till Viper school for me... I can't wait. Da'nob

Posted: 9/23/2002
Name: Mr. Ost
Comments: I really gotta pie! :-s

Posted: 9/23/2002
Name: Mr. Ost
Comments: Guddaw!

Posted: 9/21/2002
Name: Bernice Kotze
Comments: Avitop, Thanks a million for this fantastic website!! It is truly inspiring for young people like myself, who's interested in Air Force- or Avition recruiting.Keep this great public service up, please. Kind regards, Bernice

Posted: 9/21/2002
Name: Vlada Marinkovic
Comments: Fantastic site;i am really im pressed Best regards, Vlada Marinkovic

Posted: 9/18/2002
Name: Jean
Comments: Hej jeg vil gerne købe et f-16 jagerfly så jeg kan bombe Osama Binlarden i ægget

Posted: 9/17/2002
Name: moses alexie
Comments: cool page, I will fly one of those someday!

Posted: 9/14/2002
Name: Davies
Comments: Great site, love it.

Posted: 9/14/2002
Name: P. Dennis Long
Comments: Do you have any information on Aviation jobs in Denmark?

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